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Letter from Bruce T. Neale, Marconi Radar Systems Ltd., to Martin Shough 24 Oct 1986

Marconi Radar Systems Limited
Writtle Road
Chelmsford CM1 3BN
Telephone: 0245 267111 Telex: 99108 Facsimile: 0245 357927

24th October 1986

Dear Mr. Shough,

Your letter dated 17th October has been passed to me by our Public Relations Manager for action.

We have a copy of the handbook for the Type:13 heightfinding radar in our post-design library which is the property of MOD. We are seeking their permission to allow you to borrow it for a short period so that you may copy whatever data you find appropriate, it being no longer classified. It may take a week or two to get their OK.

The Type:13 ( Height inder) along with Type:14 (Surveillance) are 'centimetre' (3000 MHz) radars and were redesigned from the WW2 original in the late 1940's by the Marconi Company as part of the ROTOR early warning system to supplement the metric (200 MHz) Type:7 radar.

I will arrange to post the handbook to you as soon as we get clearance from MOD.

Yours sincerely,

s/s B.T. Neale